The accelerator

A logical extension of “underground parking boxes” project, related to developing city cycling infrastructures. The core of the project can be found in its name.

Shallow, direct aim of the project is the increase in the speed while cycling. Besides, it’s also cycling simplifying within the city, especially for people to whom it’s physically difficult to keep moving the pedals constantly and daily. Part of the workload necessary for cycling will be taken over by acceleration system.

The main purpose of the project is creating maximum favourable conditions in the future for massive preference for the bicycles among the citizens of the world. What is cycling? It’s physical and mental health, it’s a great mood, reduction of stress, and it’s a clearer air in the cities which will not be polluted by the cars.

Principle of action of the accelerators is simple. Accelerators will be installed in a road surface at regular intervals, e.g. 50 meters. During the cycling, riding over the accelerator, the bike will receive a speed boosting impulse and increase its inertia. Riding over the next accelerator will give another speed boosting. The more the initial riding speed of the bike is, the stronger speed boost it will get riding over the accelerator. So the cyclist riding the acceleration line will constantly increase riding speed of his bike.

The accelerators will be harmonized with road solar panels, as the electricity is required to power the accelerators.

How Profitable The System Of Accelerators Will Be In Complex

First of all, due to the system of accelerators, any standard bicycle will receive all the advantages of an electric bicycle, wherein not receiving its disadvantages. The major disadvantages of electric bicycles are the following: firstly, they are significantly heavier than standard bicycles, and secondly, they need recharging constantly.

As you are a cyclist, will it be preferable for you to use a heavy bicycle or an easy one? And what is better: to worry about constant recharging of your electric bicycle or to forget about this problem at all? The answer is clear.

That’s why let’s do everything needed to get rid of unnecessary and aggravating stuff, let’s optimize and make everything as comfortable as possible in the sphere concerning the development of bicycle infrastructure and cycling in particular.

As far as practicality and economy of the system of accelerators are concerned. Perhaps you will think that to ride an electric bicycle only one motor is needed, while to ride a standard bicycle in the city a huge number of accelerators are needed. Is it profitable?

Of course, the system of accelerators will be much more profitable primarily from the practical and economic side if to consider this system large but not within one bicycle.

Some Simple Mathematics

Let’s take any city as an example. Let it be Berlin. According to Wikipedia, the Berlin road network has a total length of more than 5,334 km, and the population is 3,490,105 People.

If we assumed that all the people would like to use electric bicycles, for this purpose it would need to produce more than 3 mln electric bicycles, thus more than 3 mln electric motors and batteries. But if to implement the Accelerator project for the needs of Berlin (for the needs of more than 3 mln inhabitants of this city) considering that the length of roads in this city equals 5,334 km, only 106,680 accelerators would be needed.

The difference between 3 mln electric motors (and batteries for them) in electric bicycles and 100 thousand accelerators installed on the roads of Berlin is clear. That’s why the system of accelerators that can cover the whole cities around the world from the practical and economic side is more profitable than the individual system of “accelerators” in the form of one motor in an electric bicycle.

Mass usage of bicycles instead of cars is a critically necessary condition that will both influence beneficially human health and ecology in cities and create the opportunity to fight against the rise of CO2. Electric equipment won’t save a situation. Moreover, we have to remember that electric equipment contains a storage battery for the production of which rare earth elements are used.