“The identifier”, effective State administration project

Realization of this project suggests establishing a basically new State administration system. A system, giving every individual citizen the enhanced authority and allowing him to directly influence and manage his State. To propose the legislation, to take votes.

Within this state administration system, a new type of passport with expanded opportunities will be created for the citizens. And then a closed social network will be created, available to the citizens of a definite country only. This social network will give people access to all the global and local controls. There all the global and local questions, problems and possible ways of their solving will be brought up. Within this social network the citizens will make their suggestions for improving their State in general, their region, city, district, residential quarter etc.

What this system gives to the State and the citizens?

First of all, such system will allow taking almost instant decisions at the State level without any further delays and bureaucracy, at no financial or any other cost. The State will be able to react flexibly on any internal or external threats. The new State administration system will essentially reduce the risk of corrupt or any other criminal, malicious or bad-faith practices, as it can control absolutely everything.

Due to this system, the states where it is implemented, will forget about what rallies or meetings are. Or any kinds of provocation. As any tension will be solved by voting. With the introduction of effective State administration system everything will be decided fast, civilized and very effectively, with no cost, destruction, chaos or any shocks or weakening of the State. Without citizens’ traumas and injuries.

The new State administration system will create those conditions for the citizens, due to which every individual citizen will understand distinctly, that the present and the future of his country, as well as the well-being of his children, depends directly of the decisions he takes and the suggestions he can make for further voting.

As a result, such system will have a very strong favourable psychological influence on every individual citizen. Cultivating responsibility and creativity, stimulating the thinking, developing comprehensively the intelligence in its citizens. This State administration system will create conditions, which will make people well-developed, more disciplined and moral. And at the same time the new State administration system, developing directly its citizens, will essentially strengthen the general State’s potential. And this is really important, especially given the undefined situation the entire humanity’s in right now.

Sphere of citizens’ influence in a new State administration system

Every individual citizen gets access to managing his residential quarter, district, city. At the same time there is no access to other residential quarters, districts, cities. As a result, in a closed social network the citizen will get informed, can vote and make suggestions only on his own residential quarter, district, city, region, State.

As this basic State administration system has been launched, there will be necessary conditions for launching another advanced projects of this direction (State administration), already from the next stages of our common projects’ chain.