System of earnings

How profitable investment in EU infrastructure reform will be for “Protectors” partners
The implementation of a profound reform of the energy, urban, and cycling infrastructure involves several income items for participating partners. Now we will consider only two items of income related to parking services. That is the basic project on which infrastructure the implementation of solar power stations and charging station service would be possible.
Income items:
1. A partner receives 48 euros for each item made for the needs of the service.
2. A partner receives income for each active parking box, provided that the installation of that parking box has been financed by that partner.

First Income Item.
Only the partner who becomes a participant of the project at the second (current) stage of the Protectors project is eligible to get a fixed percentage of income for each manufactured item for the needs of “Protectors”.

The implementation and completion of the second phase of the project will require 160 thousand euros. Having invested this money once in the project, after the starting of the third phase of the project, the main partner will receive 48 euros for each product (parking box) for the needs of the entire parking service.
In the example of the Netherlands, the hypothetical income of the main partner will be based on statistics related to the number of cyclists living in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, all citizens ride bicycles to some extent or another. Therefore, 17,549,782*48=842,389,536 euros. When invested in the second stage of the project 160 thousand euros, the main partner will be able to increase its capital to 842 million euros. However, in practice, the income will be many times less. But even if the Netherlands will only have service for 1 million parking spaces, your income on the first item will be equal to 48 million euros for invested 160 thousand euros. Don’t forget that there are 27 countries in the European Union, and the Protectors project is relevant to every country of the European Union.

The main partner of the second stage of the project will receive income for the manufacture of parking boxes for each country in Europe and the world.

The second item of income
A financial system has been developed to implement the “Protectors” project, and that:
1. Will finance the service expansion.
2. Will enable the partners to earn a monthly income.

Please pay attention to the following table.

Let’s consider an example of a box cost of 1000 euros:
In this case, the parking box will cost 1000 Euros + 200 Euros for the transportation and installation of the box.
You, being a partner of the “Protectors” project, invest 10 million Euros in the development of the service. With this 10 million Euros 8333 parking boxes are manufactured and installed.
If you become a partner at the second stage of the project, then by investing 10 million Euros into the development of the service you automatically earn 48 Euros for each manufactured box. You will immediately receive an income of 8333*48= 399.984 Euros.
After that every month you will receive 15, 20, or 25 Euros for every box you purchased.
With 10 million euros invested, the income will be:

The production facilities will be located in western Ukraine. This will allow to make the production of items for the needs of the service low-cost. This will have a direct impact on the profitability of the project for the investors’ partners.

In the example of the Netherlands, you could see how profitable it could be to invest in the development of urban infrastructure. You see the opportunities for the European Union in this case. And how important it is for the successful future of Europe. In addition, when reading this article, you could learn about the project “Protectors.” The implementation of this project can solve several large-scale infrastructure problems, and make the EU a better place.
The world is entering a phase of radical changes. This is a time of great opportunities. When everyone can make a big difference to the world and get a whole lot for themselves!
If you want to have a great impact on the future of the European Union and increase your capital, the “Protectors” project is a unique opportunity to achieve your ambitions.