Problem solving and new opportunities for the European Union

  • Due to our parking solution, we want and will be able to create a parking service in the European Union. This service will be able to solve many problems and provide a number of unique opportunities.
  • The estimated cost of parking a bicycle is 0.1 euros for half an hour. The funds received will finance our future organization “Protectors of the Earth”. The goal of the organization is to protect and save the Earth.

  • Because of the unique construction of the bicycle parking, both a bicycle and a parking place will disappear physically and visually from the surface since they will be completely hidden being a full-fledged part of a sidewalk or a lawn. People will be able to walk on them or grass will grow above them. It is even possible to install benches on them.
  • Due to the service mentioned above, the project will be able to remove from city streets and squares all the existing standard parking places and parked bicycles that require much urban space. In this way, we will expand the usable space of cities in Europe. Since our project is unique, in some way we will create and present new territories to cities of the European Union.
  • By ridding your cities of standard parking places and dumps of rusty bicycles that uglify the city, we will make cities of the European Union both cleaner visually and more comfortable. It will be beneficial to the psyche of citizens living in the European Union. In complex, the implementation of this project will improve the physical and mental health of citizens. Healthy citizens mean strong and prosperous Europe.
  • The implementation of the project will make it more comfortable to use a bicycle as a means of transport while moving around the city. Thus, our project will motivate people to use bicycles as a main means of transport as often as possible.
  • The parking construction and parking service will be able to ensure the highest level of secure storage of parked bicycles. It will allow citizens to purchase more expensive bicycles with better performance qualities and not to be afraid that such expensive bicycles will be stolen. Daily moving around the city by bicycle with good performance qualities will make the life of European citizens significantly better and more comfortable.
  • The municipal solar power station
    Despite the bicycle parking box doesn’t take much place on a street, its upper plate has some dimensions. The smallest dimensions possible is 200cm x 80cm, so the useful space of the upper plate is 1.6 m²
    The installation of 100 million bicycle parking boxes in Europe can solve most of the large-scale municipal infrastructure problems, as well as create a solar power station. 100million parking boxes create the 160 km² solar power station. To make it more clear, the largest solar power station existing now in the world is 43 km². The green electricity produced with this project will be used for the needs of EU countries.
  • Each parking box with solar electric plants can be equipped with charging stations for electric transport. This advanced feature will create a perfect environment that stimulates Europe advent to electric transport.
    The main advantage of parking boxes is that they don’t take much of the street area, so the charging station installed inside won’t take up the area as well. This project makes it real to install a huge number of electric chargers that don’t take street areas at all.
  • parking box

    A multifunctional, innovative product that does not take up physically urban space – 3 in 1 product: the world’s best parking for bicycles, a city solar power plant, and a charging station for electric transport

  • Our parking network can be used not only as a parking place but also substandardly as a secure place for people. While being in danger on the street, people will be able to take cover in our parking boxes. Until the police arrive. For example, in our parking box, people can take cover from a potentially dangerous Person, an offender. Such a substandard and in some way curious opportunity will be able to save someone’s life. And taking into account that parking networks can be located on every street in European cities, a reliable shelter will be always close at hand for citizens.
  • The implementation of the parking service will allow us to engage in the in-depth development of our project called Accelerator. The project aims to make cycling easier and to increase the travelling speed of a bicycle by integrating pulsed accelerators into roads. And if the system of accelerators shows proper performance in practice, we will be able to make a revolution in the sphere related to the bicycle infrastructure development. Since in this case, a standard bicycle will be able to speed up to 100 km and more per hour.
  • Having implemented the parking service in the European Union, we will be able to receive multibillion-dollar income to create an organisation called Protectors of the Earth. This organisation will gather the best minds of the world and will tool up with advanced technologies of the Humankind to save the biosphere. The multibillion-dollar income from the parking service will allow us not only to maintain this organisation but also to finance all the inner climatic, ecologic, economic and social projects of the organisation Protectors of the Earth.
  • To be able to expand our parking service, we have developed a unique financial system of earnings for European citizens. In case we launch our service and the financial system of earnings that accompanies it, citizens of the European Union will be able to get an annual yield of up to 18% by investing their money in the parking service expansion. For a better understanding of this number, the standard annual yield in European banks is 2% in the best-case scenario.