A network of shelters

A network of individual shelters
Due to a unique system of our parking boxes, our network of parking boxes can be used as a temporary shelter. A lot of crimes take place in the world. Murders, violence. Police can’t always be in time to save the victim. Besides, there are often no passers-by who could help at critical situation. In some favourable circumstances and with potential victim’s attentiveness to notice the danger for his/her life in time, our boxes can be very helpful, in fact saving from death or physical violence. All you have to do is to lift urgently one of the nearest parking boxes, step in it and, being inside of it, press a huge side plate button for its emergency closing. The box will go down under the ground and then it will send the signal to the police. After the police have arrived, the box will be lifted and then police can work with the victim.

Emergency lifting-sinking option implies high speed of box lifting and going down which gives victim an opportunity to use the box as a life saver. Knowing that high speed of emergency lifting and sinking can be a little bit dangerous, people must follow a simple rule while using a box as a shelter. Before pressing the side plate button, already lying inside the box, it is necessary to draw your legs under you to keep them safe at the moment of emergency closing of the box.

Of course, victim can get some light bruises at the moment of falling on the floor inside the box. But it’s nothing comparing to the things the pursuer could do to the victim.

A network of individual shelters

Waiting for the police to arrive.

Using parking boxes as the means if individual life protection (as a shelter) can seem strange, uncomfortable and even funny to someone, but in the moment of real danger people are in no mood for laughing. In the moment of danger people use each opportunity that gives them any chance to survive. And given that our parking boxes will be situated at every street in developed countries,  people will have an opportunity to save their lives if they’re in danger.

Speaking of the network of shelters, I would like to draw your attention to a very essential and important detail. Creating of such global network of shelters on the streets of the world will not demand any financing and will not need any resources for its further support. As this security network is first of all a network of parking boxes whose function also include additional alternative opportunities such as a temporary shelter. Giving this, countries of the world in fact will not have to do anything for developing the network of individual shelters and for essential increasing of security level for the lives of citizens.

The only thing that will be needed from the state is governmental, municipal and, of course, civilian support of the project to make its launching possible and for maximum fast and effective development of parking and security system on your state’s territory.

Note for the potential criminals.

The lifting power of our box is that strong, that if you decide to follow your victim by jumping into the sinking box, this can cause lethal injures to you. Besides, even if you’re very lucky and you succeeded to find yourself safe and sound in the box with the victim, you will not be able to leave the box. Until the arrival of the police, of course…