The Ark

The humanity is rapidly evolving. New technologies are being created, whose large dimensions make their realization in standard old cities impossible, because standard old cities do not provide for them and are incompatible with these new technologies. Humanity has almost reached the point where there is a real need for building new cities from scratch and for further massive relocation to such cities.

Yes, this requires enormous resources. But missing this resource-intensive step now can make humanity lose even more resources in the future. Besides, there is another good reason for building cities of the new type. We’re talking about sea-level rise. Further sea-level rise in fact threatens with a catastrophe for all of humankind. The catastrophe is so global and creates such a huge number of second-ranking crucial problems, facing which humanity just can’t deal with them all. That is why even now with a relative stability (comparing to possible future), the world is in critical condition economically, socially, morally. And right now we, the humanity, are not solving our crucial problems, we’re only delaying them. And in the future, having failed to deal with these problems, the humanity will totally degrade, degenerating into primitive, animal way of life.

Humanity must prepare for the future. Even for its worst options possible. Being prepared to meet the future is the foundation for the survival of mankind.

“The Ark” project will partly help humanity to cope with potential problem of catastrophic sea-level rise in the future. Why partly? Because the problem of sea-level rise is so global in itself, that it will bring mankind to the brink of destruction. With human factor playing a significant role in it.

“The Ark” project will, in case of a disaster, allow humanity to preserve partly its routine standard life. But within the borders of the city only. Cities of the new type, built according to “The Ark” project, will not be troubled by flooding even if sea-level rises up to 100 meters.

Besides, uniqueness and possibilities of “The Ark” project will allow, in case of global flooding, to move the whole cities from one world’s region into another, more favourable region.

In the future, we’re planning to create such cities along all the coastlines of the Earth. Of course provided the humanity is ready for this. With involving all existing progressive technologies, which will integrate harmoniously into “The Ark” project.

Details of this project will be given as soon as the 2nd stage of the automatic parking service project is started.