Global roll-out of a new education system

Subsequently, if the conditions are favourable, we’ll start to develop the new education system, with its priorities being substantially different from those of current standard education.

Standard education mainly pays attention to exact sciences, at the same time completely ignoring the fields of study, which must be the basis for development for every individual child.

Lessons of kindness, mercy, tolerance of each other, respect, consideration, lessons of decency and justice. Of creative interaction. Lessons of love for nature and for life itself. Lessons of suppressing animal, baser, aggressive, destructive instincts. And a number of other psychological lessons, that will allow children to develop into moral and intellectual individuals during their growing up and education process.

All of these qualities, which are necessary for creating prosperous future for all of humankind, should be instilled into children’s minds from a tender age. And this is what our new education system will make possible.

We wish to create those conditions, in which every individual child could become a Human with a capital “H”. Taking into account the reality, there is no future for humanity without this new education system, even if the conditions of living remain relatively favourable in the future. Because the humanity will destroy itself. But having such level of education, the humanity can survive even in the least favourable conditions. This is why new education system is the priority area to us. I really hope that the governments of the world will thereafter do their best to integrate our future education system into a standard education system in the whole world.

Subsequently, our company, if we possess all the resources required, can finance totally or partly the instruction of the new subjects at the schools of the world.