“DFSS” Dual financial stabilizing system

There’s a huge economical imbalance between the countries now. As a result, it’s a destructive influence both on the economy of separate counties and on a social level on a whole world. I’ve been developing the new financial system, which will allow eliminating the inequality between the countries artificially and almost totally by correcting the imbalance between the countries at financial, economical and social levels. This will become possible due to providing a new electronic monetary unit. With alternative options, such as fixed value of the goods for the entire world (just to be clear, for the member with DFSS implemented). New financial system can coexist harmoniously with the standard financial system, allowing natural and legal persons to have a choice.

The more legal and natural persons of the State, and the more States of the world use new financial system, the more balanced the global financial system will be. And the opportunity of simultaneous coexisting of two financial systems will allow a smooth transition from the obsolete financial system to a new one. Finally, the full transition to a new financial system will bring humanity to some kind of golden era of economic prosperity.