Conditions of using parking service

Here you will find the description of conditions, which will make existence and spreading of parking service possible. A minimum possible service fee is 10 euros. A maximum monthly fee will be 25 euros. These figures will be defined depending on a number of external factors during the process of realization of second stage of the project.

Of course we would be glad to create such global parking system for free. But world’s financial system creates for all the humanity such conditions, in which we have to pay for everything.

Considering this and the level of comfort and safety provided by our service, I hope that the fees and necessity of paying for the service will not disturb you. Especially as our parking service means not just high security level of storage of your bicycles and removing the dumps of parked bicycles from the streets, but it’s as well a charity fund and a unique system of earnings for citizens of the world and investors. And besides, parking service is as well a network of individual temporary shelters which you can use in case of direct external threat to your life. To learn more about this secondary function of the parking service, please see “Individual temporary shelter” section.

And, due to paid service, in future our company will be able to accomplish a number of unique, innovative, economical, social, technological projects. Each project implemented by us will bring to you personally and your children, your country and the world in general – comfort, well-being, prosperity and safety.

System of minimal 10-euro fee means your direct financing of our company for the opportunity to develop service in your city, country and the world. For this you as individual citizen have to buy one parking box for our company. In fact, you buy it for yourself and other clients, but legally it’s for our company, because this box you buy becomes the property of our company.

Given that you have invested your own means in buying a box for our service, you automatically become a member of our company, which gives you the lowest fee for using the service at any place of the world where it exists. It’s about 10 euros of monthly user charge. And when you are a member of our company, you also have an opportunity to take part in annual voting to decide how the means of our charity fund will be distributed.

Maybe such system of developing the company with using your financial means can confuse someone of you, but look at it the other way. In fact, you will invest your means in your own well-being and comfort. In increasing your own safety level and the one of your bicycle storage. In developing and improvement of infrastructure in your city and your country.

For those who are not satisfied with this system, we offer the alternative way, when you don’t have to invest anything in creating well-being and comfort at your city and country, but then monthly user charge will be essentially increased for you. It will cost 25 euros per month. For now these figures are approximate. Increasing of the fee is caused by the fact that the box will be bought for you, but instead of you by the third parties, citizens of your country or investors who will not use the service themselves, but will have monthly income for every box bought by them.

Of this sum (25 euros) 10 euros are by default transferred to our company, where 5 euros are transferred to a charity fund and another 5 euros are spent for the support of company, paying taxes and financing our internal projects. The rest (15 euros) are monthly transferred to citizens or investors as an income for buying boxes for our company.