System of earnings

System of earnings for the citizens and investors

Our parking service will give a brilliant opportunity of earning money for other natural and legal persons. The point is the following.

Now suppose that you are a third party who wants to cooperate with our company to earn your own income. You should buy our company’s parking boxes for this. After the boxes have been installed, as our partner you will monthly earn 15 euros for each installed box.

The procedure is the following. You transfer money to our company for buying resources, build of the boxes, transportation and further installation. We build boxes, install them, then you start receiving monthly income.

The boxes you have bought will belong to our company, but in case you decide to stop our cooperation, you can sell your right to income to any third party. For the same price that was spent by you at the beginning. For example, you have bought 100 boxes, each for 1000 euros. During the year you have had 18000 euros of passive income, and then you can sell your right for these 100 boxes to third parties and leave the project.

Such business system will be especially profitable for large investors. Besides, such financial system will allow essential increasing of the financial income of individuals. Buying of 1 parking box will increase your annual earnings by 180 euros. Buying of 10 boxes will accordingly add 1800 euros to your general income.  Of course such incomes suppose your long-term cooperation with our company and your preliminary costs for buying boxes are completely reasonable. And after 5 years only our partnership will start bringing you net income. But on the other hand, each year you will have additional income to your main income. And after you have retired it will be additional income to your pension. Besides, this additional income can be handed down and inherited.

Some of you may consider this system of earnings to be not profitable enough and prefer bank deposits. But our company’s financial system is 4-6 times more profitable than bank financial deposit system.

Rates on deposits at European banks are usually from 4% to 0% per annum. And this means, that when you put your money on a deposit account, you lose all your possible potential of your money, because your money will not work and bring income to you. They will just stay in the bank. It’s at least wrong, and it actually contradicts to basic financial laws. Because the main unsaid law implies that money must constantly work for you.

Let’s have a look at simple mathematics.

  1. You have put 10000 euro in bank with 4% rate per annum. In a year the sum will increase by 400 euro.
  2. You have invested 10000 euro in buying 10 boxes. In a year you will have 1800 euro of income.

I think that the figures speak for themselves. This simple example shows you that our financial system is 4.5 times more profitable for you. Especially comparing it to bank deposits with 3, 2 ,1, 0% rates per annum.

Besides, I would like to remind you, that you will invent your money not just in ordinary earning, but first of all you will invest your means in well-being of your city, your country and the world in general. For the further opportunity of launching a number of innovative, economical, social, infrastructural projects of our company and of another research companies and third parties.

                                             How profitable the financial system Protectors will be for the world