Main function of the service

The unique construction of the parking-box will help to take all the parked bicycles away from the streets of the cities. This means, that on the streets you will see no more dumps of parked bicycles.

Besides, parking boxes are first of all high security level of bicycle storage. And this means, that as soon as the project is started, you will not have to worry no more about the safety of your bicycle. Nowadays a lot of citizens ride mainly cheap and rusty bicycles, hoping that cheap and rusty bicycle will not have much value to the thieves. But cheap bicycles suggests first of all bad riding properties, which effect directly the comfort of riding. And taking into consideration that you use a bicycle each day, it’s an essential negative factor. When our project is started, the security level of bicycle storage will increase radically. And this means that you’ll finally forget about your rusty bicycles, you’ll forget about vandalism and thefts of the bicycles. Now you can buy a bicycle with good riding properties and ride with comfort.

Besides, high security level of bicycle storage will create good conditions for buying an electrical bicycle.

Storage and recharging of electrical bicycles:

You can keep your electrical bicycles at our boxes as soon as the project is started, and in future our parking boxes will also have a recharging function.

Later, due to network of parking boxes we’ll be able to create all necessary favourable conditions which will allow citizens of the world to choose electrical bicycles massively and reduce quantity of cars on the streets of the cities. Which in its turn will have a good impact on the environment of the cities and also on mental and physical health of the citizens. Besides, reducing quantity of cars will have a direct impact on general level of well-being and comfort of living.


Principle of parking boxes placement on the lawn. When the bicycle is being parked, the box lifts (slides out of the ground). The rest of time the boxes are hidden under the lawn, the asphalt or any other road surface. Depending on the location of the box.


                  An example of parking boxes placed longitudinally and laterally in the street.



Due to our service, we will be able to create convenient and secure parking places to store bicycles in any corner of a city.

A network of our parking service covering all the cities in the world will optimise urban space by clearing cities physically and visually from parked bicycles and standard parking places. It will make a direct positive impact on the quality of life in cities. It means a substantial reformation of cities in all the developed countries in the world.

After we implement Protectors project, the best parking solution in the world and its alternative function – individual shelter – will be close at hand for any citizen.