Searching investors

The sum needed for completing first stage of the project is about 40 thousand euro.

Even when the project reaches only 0.1% of the estimated capacity, investors’ income will be 300 times higher than the investment (40 thousand euro) made in the first stage of the project.

The guaranteed, fixed income of partners who finance the first and second stages of the project

Investing partner of the first stage will get 20% of general income for every box produced for the service.

20% = 20 euro for each box

Investing partner of the second stage will get 40%

40% = 40 euro for each box


The potential investors’ income (secondary markets are not included)

Maximum market possible for our service is 600 million boxes.

Investing 40 thousand euro in the first stage of the project = 12 billion euro of income for investors

Financing the second stage = 24 billion euro of income for investors


Beside the potential income mentioned above, due to our financial system of earnings, your will be able to earn additional annual income from 18 percent of the money you invested in the development of the parking service.

If you are our main strategic investor, you will be able to manage  financial system of earnings and get your interest for each operation. This financial system will accumulate approximately 600 billion euro.

Presentation  Project Protectors