Charity fund
With maximal worldwide expansion, the parking service will bring a big income to the company. Maximal possible market with 600 million users and minimal monthly payment of 10 euros will bring to the company annual income equal to 72 billion euro. For us personally enrichment is not the main aim. The main aim of the project is rather simple: in addition to primary function of parking service, it’s creation of parking service based financial mechanisms, which will allow humanity to deal with a number of global economical, social, ecological problems by financing of innovative, economical, social, ecological, scientific projects all over the world. And in the future, by providing financial means for the fight against possible unfavourable conditions of climatic, technological, economical and social disasters. For their possible localization, elimination of inevitable unfavourable consequences and stabilization.

As it was mentioned before, the minimal possible service payment is 10 euros. Half of them (5 euros) will be transferred to our charity fund; the rest of the sum will be used for supporting the company, paying salaries to the staff etc. And the rest of these 5 euros will be used for financing our company’s internal projects. For brief description of some of such projects please see “Our next projects” section on our site.

Within maximal global service coverage possible, the charity fund will annually accumulate up to 36 billion euro which will be distributed at the end of the year on priority issues connected somehow with creating a well-being on the Earth.

Those of our service users, who have been given the partners status, will be able to take part in the annual voting, choosing the issues for our charity fund distribution. But in case of critical emergency (technogenic, ecological, social disaster) we (the company) without any voting (as there will be no time for them) will provide financial means for localization and elimination of any unfavourable factor posing a direct threat to life and well-being on Earth.