Appeal to the government and municipalities

Address to representatives of the Government, municipalities and to the citizens of the countries

We would like to explain you our true motives and aims of our company, parking service and our future projects. In spite of billion incomes that can be brought to our company after its maximal world’s coverage possible, income is not our main interest. We’re mostly interested at having the opportunity to change the world for the better. Most of our incomes will be put into such aims, and also into financing of science and education in the world. Financing of ecological and infrastructural projects, and also financing of internal projects of the countries where our company will work. Some part of our company’s income will also be used for launching our own projects.

Though sometimes we will finance side commercial projects as well. Not for our own profit, but for further putting of our grown income into human well-being.

Our company will do our best to make your life, your physical and mental health better. To make your cities more safe, comfortable and cosy. We will not demand anything in return from you. Because helping other people is the greatest good.

The only thing we will ask you to do is to contribute to promoting our company. To create on your part conditions for easier realization of our project in your country. To protect our projects and our company from any external aggressive influences. In other words, to meet our requests. Not for our sake, but for the sake of your own well-being.