Hello, my name is Radislav. I’m working on developing projects, whose realization will be able to solve series of crucial global problems. Economical, financial, social, technological, infrastructural, ecological projects, closely and consequently linked to each other, which will be able to change the world of people.

Realization of the unique innovative infrastructure project is being started at the moment. I would like to introduce this project to you. I hope you will like it, and if you wish to accept it, this project will be able to come into your country, into your city, on your street creating unique and very useful possibilities for you personally, for your city, for your country.


Now about the project

Individual parking underground automated bicycle box
Realization of this project will allow citizens to park bicycles within the new principle, by physical and visual hiding them from the streets with placing them into a good safe. Due to which this parking system will solve a number of crucial infrastructure problems. Besides, this project will give society a number of additional opportunities which have no direct relation to the parking, but are able directly or indirectly to change the world of people making it more safe and comfortable.

About the project’s opportunities:
Bicycle parking, providing the service of storage with high security level.
Storage of electrical bicycles (and in the future, possibility to recharge the electrical bicycle if this is demanded).
Creation of a charity fund, due to which we will finance the well-being of the world and your country in particular.
Creating a unique financial system of earnings for the citizens of the world, this is 4-6 times more effective than standard bank’s system.
Besides, our network of parking boxes will also be able to create a global system of security not only for bicycle storage, but as well to provide a system of shelters for the citizens in case of a direct physical hazard to their lives. Thus, sensing the danger, potential victim can take a refuge at our boxes until arriving of the police.
Taking into consideration, that all the streets of your town will be honeycombed with boxes, safe shelter will always be available for you.
You can find out more details about this project at other section of our site.

Sincerely yours, Radislav